Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Buckeye State

Eric was out of town a few days this week. He had to travel to Ohio for work. It was certainly nice weather for a road trip!

 This was his room at the Holiday Inn Express in Alliance, OH.

And this was his view from the bed...

They had dinner at the Texas Road House their first night in town.

This is what was left of his BBQ ribs. They must have been really good.

And here's his partner in crime, Dave. They at least got to enjoy a couple of giant beers on their business trip!

They were shooting a video for Volcanic Heater. I'd love to tell you what they do or who they are, but I'm really not sure...

This was Dave in a giant tube of some sort. He was setting up a camera inside the tube.

Their second night in Alliance, they went to Applebee's for dinner.

And enjoyed more giant beers.

Then they went out for Ice Cream after dinner. I think Dave has now officially been on more dates with my husband than I have!

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