Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shamrock Run 2012

Alex took a little bit of time off between indoor and outdoor track.  But didn't really stop running totally. He's been working out a little bit to stay in shape. And today he wanted to run the 4 Mile Shamrock Run. It's up at Tipperary Hill in Syracuse, which is a predominately Irish neighborhood. And when I say "up", I mean UP. There are some hills up there! So that 4-mile run is quite a challenge.

This is Janice McKenna and Peter Coleman. I do freelance work for Janice. She's the owner of Warne-McKenna Advertising Agency in Syracuse. She also happens to live down the street from Coleman's Irish Pub. Which is coincidentally owned by Peter Coleman. Who was the Grand Marshal of the Shamrock Run this year.

This is Peter with Congressman Dan Maffei and his wife. Well, former Congressman Maffei who is running for Congress again.

And this is me with the Grand Marshal of the Shamrock Run, doing a fun little self-portrait. He was a very sweet man, who I kind of think was flirting with me! (Oh and notice the Congressman over the shoulder of Peter, I thought that was a hoot!)

And this (the woman in the red coat) is the Mayor of Syracuse, Stephanie Minor. All the big-wigs were in attendance today!

And this is the start of the Shamrock Run. There were over 3100 runners! It was HUGE! (I put a green arrow over Alex's head so you could find him)

This is Alex at the 3-mile mark.

And here he is crossing the finish line. He finished the 4-mile run in 25:16. And in 55th place (Out of over 3100 runners.)

I think the green leotard man was rather pleased with himself for doing so well in the race! The look on Alex's face is priceless.

To see the final results, click here.

Here's a photo from Fleet Feet. It gives you a better feeling of how big the race was. Alex is kind of in the middle of the photo. Green shirt, orange shoes.


Dale said...

Nice run! 55th out of 3100 is excellent and I see that Alex was the winner over the other Liverpool youth runners. Doesn't look like he appreciated having his picture taken, though!

Beth said...

Way to go Alex!