Sunday, April 29, 2012

The End

We are so over Tel Auc 2012. Phew!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Track Meet and More Tel Auc Fun

Alex hasn't had a meet in awhile. Or at least it didn't seem like it to me. Today was the Chittenango Invitational. He only ran 1 event today, which he was happy about. He's feeling a little under the weather.

He ran the 800, this was the first lap, he was a little bit behind the guy in the lead.

He closed the gap quite a bit by the end. If he had been feeling 100%, I bet he would have caught him. He ended up just 3 tenths of a second behind. And a personal best time of 2:02.

Here were the results, as posted at the meet. A nice 2nd place finish for Alex.

Tonight is the last night that I have to work TelAuc. Which is very good news. I'm exhausted. I'm hoping I can keep my eyes open tonight. It's been a very long week.

Cookie Monster greets volunteers at Tel Auc.

These are some of the sweet volunteers in one of the call centers. They sign up new members and give bid numbers to callers.

Some of our "regular" hosts. Jim, Bill, Jon and Liz.

And these guys apparently used to host a radio show together a hundred (or so) years ago at WSYR radio. I don't remember who the guy in the middle is (maybe some of you know?) The gentleman on the left is Bill Baker, the man on on the right is Jim Reith. They both now work at WCNY. It was a nice reunion for them. I was the paparazzi.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Official!

Kelsey will be attending Boston University in the Fall. She has been accepted into the Pre-Med program and was given a very nice financial package. We're looking forward to many trips to Boston during the next 4 years!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TelAuc 2012

What's the best thing about working TelAuc? The food! Each night a different business caters the event for all of the employees and volunteers. This was "Gardenview Diner" night.

They're a favorite, always bringing chicken, biscuits and mashed potatoes.

Eric worked at his usual "warehouse" spot. I was working the "sells" area, where I input hundreds of credit cards numbers. And take lots of aspirin.

The calm before the storm. We have 4 more nights coming up starting Thursday, then we can relax for awhile.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Yep. I've done it. I've joined the craze. And it's true, it's addicting. Very addicting. If you're on Pinterest, let me know! I've got to go find more things to "pin"...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Triple Win

I know, y'all are probably getting bored with the track meet updates. But we don't seem to have too much else going on! So here goes another one! Today was a good day in the world of track. Alex not only got his first individual win, but he got 2. Plus a win in the relay. So that's 3 wins in one day!

Liverpool had a dual meet against Henninger today. Henninger has a very small team, so he was mostly competing against his own teammates. He was pushed a little bit in the 1600, he had the lead from the get-go and wasn't about to give it up. 

Here he was just getting ready to cross the finish in his first win.

And this is a relay hand-off in the 4x400 relay. They placed first in this event.

The other event Alex did was the 800 meter run. 2 of his teammates were supposed to run with him, but one was sick, and one went home early. So he was almost running the event alone, then a sweet boy stepped up and ran with him. His name was Ricky. Alex knew he wasn't going to be running his fastest, he took it slow and let Ricky keep up with him.

Alex's teammates on the sidelines were motioning for him to slow down... which he did. He didn't let Ricky win, but Ricky did come in a close second. I overheard Ricky's mom saying she was thankful that Ricky did well, but if he's going to win, he needs to earn the win, not just have it given to him. Ricky was just thrilled to score points in a varsity meet, he didn't need to win.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

CNS Relays

Yesterday was the 3rd (and final) meet of the week. It was the CNS (Cicero-North Syracuse) Relays. There were 13 teams competing. Each "race" was a relay. For the 4 x 1600 meter relay, they took the total times of the 4 runners on each team and combined them. Lowest time wins.

Alex had the fastest time on his team, at 4:43. All of his teammates ran under 5:00.

Which earned them a 3rd place finish overall. Alex gave the thumbs-up to his teammates.

Alex got his name on the big screen.

He also ran the 4x800 meter relay. His team finished 3rd, but due to the #2 team disqualifying, they ended up with a 2nd place finish!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Week of Meets

Today was the 2nd meet of the week. It was a "dual" meet against West Genesee High School. Alex did something today he's never done in a meet before. He ran in 3 events. The first was the 4x800 meter relay. He ran the 3rd leg and handed off to Zavon Watkins. (above) Their relay team won the event.

His second event of the day was the 800 meter run.

He was in the lead pack for the first lap.

Then Alex and Zavon took 1st and 2nd. Not sure what happened to the other 2 guys!

Zavon was very pleased with Alex's performance! Alex got a personal best in the 800. (2:05)

Then, a last minute scratch had Alex running on the 4x400 relay team.

The 4x400 is a fast race. They each sprint once around the track. Alex was behind when he got the baton, but caught up to the guy and passed him. Liverpool ended up winning the event. And winning the meet overall. Apparently it all came down to that last relay event. Alex got (2) 1st place finishes and a 2nd place for all of his efforts today. It was a great day!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Track Begins

The first meet of the outdoor track season was held today. It was the Tully Invitational. Unfortunately, I had to work and wasn't able to get to the meet. But Alex came home with these two very shiny medals! He placed 2nd place in the 1600 meter run. And his 4x800 relay team came in 3rd. He did very well and he was pleased with his performances! He has 2 more meets this week, on Wednesday and Friday. I have Wed-Fri off this week, so I can go to the meets. Now if the weather would get back to being warm again, that would be very nice!

* If you'd like to see the meet results, click here. The events are off to the left hand side.

* Update since I posted 5 minutes ago. Alex's picture was at He ended up passing the #2 guy, placing 2nd.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We hosted a lovely Easter dinner today. My parents visited for the weekend, it was nice to have them here for the holiday festivities. (And for all the help too!!)

There were 11 for dinner today. We had some festive place settings.

Dad was nice enough to cut the ham. (Before and after the big meal.)

Laura, Kelly, Gary, Paula and my mom. My photo of the other side of the table was very blurry... So not to leave anyone out, we had Rich, Shelia, Eric, Alex and myself to round out the 11 guests.

Laura got to cut into the 3-layer jell-o.

We Skyped with Greg and Diane.

Paula and Laura took a moment for a sweet pose.

Then we had an Easter Egg hunt! It was very intense!

The girls looked high...

 ... and low...

And had help from Alex too. It was a wonderful weekend, beautiful weather and great times! I hope all the blog readers had a very happy Easter!