Saturday, April 14, 2012

CNS Relays

Yesterday was the 3rd (and final) meet of the week. It was the CNS (Cicero-North Syracuse) Relays. There were 13 teams competing. Each "race" was a relay. For the 4 x 1600 meter relay, they took the total times of the 4 runners on each team and combined them. Lowest time wins.

Alex had the fastest time on his team, at 4:43. All of his teammates ran under 5:00.

Which earned them a 3rd place finish overall. Alex gave the thumbs-up to his teammates.

Alex got his name on the big screen.

He also ran the 4x800 meter relay. His team finished 3rd, but due to the #2 team disqualifying, they ended up with a 2nd place finish!


Beth said...

Way to go again Alex!

Dale said...

Keep up the good work, Alex! Nice to see your name at the top of the list on the scoreboard!

D said...

Great job Alex!!!!