Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We hosted a lovely Easter dinner today. My parents visited for the weekend, it was nice to have them here for the holiday festivities. (And for all the help too!!)

There were 11 for dinner today. We had some festive place settings.

Dad was nice enough to cut the ham. (Before and after the big meal.)

Laura, Kelly, Gary, Paula and my mom. My photo of the other side of the table was very blurry... So not to leave anyone out, we had Rich, Shelia, Eric, Alex and myself to round out the 11 guests.

Laura got to cut into the 3-layer jell-o.

We Skyped with Greg and Diane.

Paula and Laura took a moment for a sweet pose.

Then we had an Easter Egg hunt! It was very intense!

The girls looked high...

 ... and low...

And had help from Alex too. It was a wonderful weekend, beautiful weather and great times! I hope all the blog readers had a very happy Easter!


D said...

Looks like a wonderful day. Glad we could be there even for a little bit via skype.

Beth said...

It was a great weekend! And Sunday was so nice, getting to see everyone that was there!