Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Triple Win

I know, y'all are probably getting bored with the track meet updates. But we don't seem to have too much else going on! So here goes another one! Today was a good day in the world of track. Alex not only got his first individual win, but he got 2. Plus a win in the relay. So that's 3 wins in one day!

Liverpool had a dual meet against Henninger today. Henninger has a very small team, so he was mostly competing against his own teammates. He was pushed a little bit in the 1600, he had the lead from the get-go and wasn't about to give it up. 

Here he was just getting ready to cross the finish in his first win.

And this is a relay hand-off in the 4x400 relay. They placed first in this event.

The other event Alex did was the 800 meter run. 2 of his teammates were supposed to run with him, but one was sick, and one went home early. So he was almost running the event alone, then a sweet boy stepped up and ran with him. His name was Ricky. Alex knew he wasn't going to be running his fastest, he took it slow and let Ricky keep up with him.

Alex's teammates on the sidelines were motioning for him to slow down... which he did. He didn't let Ricky win, but Ricky did come in a close second. I overheard Ricky's mom saying she was thankful that Ricky did well, but if he's going to win, he needs to earn the win, not just have it given to him. Ricky was just thrilled to score points in a varsity meet, he didn't need to win.


Beth said...

Great Going Alex. And what a nice guy you are too! Proud of you!

Whitaker Woods said...

Alex you are a kind young man. We are proud of you.

Linnette said...

what a nice kid you've got there!

Dale said...

So happy for your victories, Alex! A great day for you! Very sportsman-like conduct of you to not beat Ricky TOO badly!