Sunday, May 6, 2012

Painting Fools

Eric took advantage of the great weather this weekend and painted the deck. It was such a necessary job. With living under so many trees, that poor deck really needs a lot of upkeep. We've ignored it for a couple of years. It was time.

He did a great job. The deck looks fabulous. His back on the other hand, is a little sore...

With Eric busy on the deck, I was busy painting and decorating the bedrooms upstairs. This is our new "Guest" room. (aka as Laura & Kelly's room...) I'm not sure what to put on the walls yet. But doesn't it look cozy? That back wall used to be orange... there's not a hint of it left.

This little guy made himself at home. He matched the new comforter perfectly.

Alex's room also got a face lift. Or should I say his new room. We played musical bedrooms upstairs. This room used to be bright pink. It took a couple of coats of primer/paint to cover it up. He's digging the minimalist look right now. Apparently he wants to move away from the "SU" theme, but he just doesn't know what he wants to move to. So it's just going to stay white for awhile. And hopefully stay clean too. A mom can dream, right??

He did want to keep his wall of accomplishments though... So, we are now ready for a very busy week ahead and a fun Mother's Day Weekend next weekend. The house is officially clean and ready for guests!


D said...

Everything looks wonderful!

Beth said...

Looking Good!!!!