Saturday, May 12, 2012

Road Trip

Alex had the opportunity to run in the Loucks Games in White Plains, NY this weekend. It was a huge honor to even get to go. Which is what made it so hard for him, since he's not doing so well physically. He was scheduled to run the 800 meter on Friday, and then the 1600 meter on Saturday. He had a rough race on Friday. He's running in a lot of pain. I wasn't able to make it down for the Friday event, but left work a little early Friday and drove down to White Plains to catch the Saturday race. (I also tried to visit with my brother in Rye, but well, that wasn't meant to be. It was very strange being so close and not be able to visit...)

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend. This was the only picture I got of Alex. He was sporting a new Loucks Games t-shirt. I'm pretty sure his entire wardrobe consists of t-shirts from various meets he's been in.

Here's a list of the guys that got to go to the meet. This was at the t-shirt tent. You could have bought a t-shirt with this on it if you wanted. There were over 2,900 athletes at the event. And over 300 schools. It was big.

Sadly, however. Alex chose not to run the 1600 meter on Saturday. He was just in too much pain. The picture above is of his teammate Zavon, running the 1600. He placed 2nd overall in that event. (He won the 800 meter the day before.) Alex will be heading to the doctor his week as soon as I can get him an appointment. We're hoping it's nothing really serious, but it might be a season ending injury at this point. There are 2 more meets until State Qualifying. I'm secretly hoping that the doctor won't let him run again this season... it worries me too much to see him run like this!

This is the hotel I stayed in. The Courtyard in Tarrytown, which is right next to White Plains. Alex stayed with the team at the Crowne Plaza in White Plains. Which, if my memory is correct, is the same hotel we stayed in 15 years ago for my brother's wedding...

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Dale said...

OH NO!! This is terrible news! Alex must be really upset (and also in serious pain) over this. Hope he can get an appointment with a doctor specializing in sports medicine next week. Surely there is one in Syracuse or maybe his coach can recommend one.