Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chase Corporate Challenge

Yesterday Alex and I volunteered to help at the local Chase Corporate Challenge race. It was a fundraiser for his Cross Country team. Almost the whole team, and a lot of parents showed up. I caught a picture of Alex and a few of the kids collecting garbage along the Parkway.

These are a few of the other parents. We were given the black t-shirts, which on an extremely hot day, made it even hotter...

There were almost 8,000 runners. Which consisted of local employees from all over the area. One of the teams was from Wegmans. I liked their t-shirts. Tops Markets had over 400 employees in the race. Which turned into a 2-mile "Fun Run" due to the extreme heat. (The "serious" runners were pretty annoyed about that!)

I think I had one of the best jobs of the day. I was on water duty. I got to pass out ice cold water to the runners as they crossed the finish line.

This was the finish line, the local fire department had a nice sprinkler going for the runners. It looked quite refreshing!

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