Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Other Hayden House

Gary & Paula's new house is progressing right along. Not as quickly as I'm sure they would like, but they have come so far in just 5 months. This is the new addition on the back of the house. Isn't it grand!?

This is the "Great Room" from the master bedroom balcony inside. I love how bright it is. The new windows are all in.

Laura showed us her new room.

Paula was explaining the new bathroom layout. The tape on the floor is where tubs/showers/vanities are going. I think she's standing on the toilet.

This is the new kitchen, looking from the Great Room. The garage is to the right of the kitchen. (The truck might give that away.)

Paula was showing me the Great Room. I love the open floor plan. The new kitchen will be able to see the Great Room and the new dining room. So whoever is cooking dinner won't be left out of all the fun. And will even be able to watch TV.

The front of the house is looking good.

The new front door is installed.

And Eric took advantage of life in the country.


Whitaker Woods said...

Thanks for the update. You always take nice pics!

Beth said...

Wow, beautiful.

D said...

Wow, it looks so much bigger from the back. I think it's going to be awesome. Thank you for posting the pics.