Sunday, August 12, 2012

Aim High and the Wineries

Alex is spending this week at Aim High Running Camp. It's a local camp (on Owasco Lake) for high school age runners. Alex and 10 of his teammates are there. Along with hundreds of other local high schoolers. Each day the camp photographer has been posting photos online. Which has been fun for me, it's kind of like looking from the outside in. And getting to see what Alex is doing at camp. Because I'm sure when he gets home, he'll be his typical teenager self and not say a word about camp. So here's a peek at Alex's day yesterday at camp...

Not sure what he's doing here, but at least he's smiling! (He's in the bright yellow shirt.)

He's playing basketball here. Notice his face - it's cleared up nicely! The basketball is covering the only scab he had left, over his lip. His friend and teammate Spencer is behind him.

It looks like they got to watch the Olympic 5,000 meter run! Alex was concerned that he wouldn't get to see any more Olympics when he was at camp. I'm pretty impressed that they have internet and tv out in the middle of nowhere!

And here's proof that they're actually running at running camp! Alex is in this photo, you just can't really see him. He's right behind the boy in the orange shoes (that's Connor, a teammate), you can see Alex's body, but not his head. Looks like he's doing well! If you'd like to learn more about the camp and see more photos throughout the week, click here!

So... what do you think I did while Alex was away at camp?? Well, I went to the wineries of course! My friend Amy and her boyfriend Chris visited for the weekend.

Eric took lots of artsy photos.

Here are Amy and Chris on the shore of Seneca Lake.

And here's me and Eric. It was a little windy! We had a great day, bought lots of wine, saw lots of corn fields. Oh and ahem... I kind of maybe might have gotten a speeding ticket along the way... sigh...


Linnette said...

Sounds good except for that speeding ticket!

Whitaker Woods said...

Hey speedy - lay off the fast foot! Did you have to hide the wine too?