Monday, August 13, 2012

My Favorite Olympic Moments

Now that the Olymic Games have drawn to a close, it's time to look back at the last 2 weeks. I think I will be having Olympic withdrawal for awhile. Every day for the last 16, Alex and I have been glued to the tv and the internet. Watching and reading about every Olympic event. There were many great moments, but these are my favorites:

I watched this event live, which didn't get to happen with many events since NBC insisted on running all the "good" stuff in Prime Time, hours after it actually happened. But when Mo Farah won the 10,000 meter run and Galen Rupp came in 2nd, it was a wonderful race to watch live! I didn't know much about these 2 runners before the Olympics, but now I love them both! They are from different countries, but train together in the U.S. and are the greatest of friends. I loved that they came in 1st and 2nd and that they were both genuinely happy for each other.

I just loved their enthusiasm. I wished they could have repeated the 1-2 finish in the 5,000 meter, but it was not meant to be. But I love that Mo got to win 2 gold medals in front of his home country.

Oscar Pistorius will be a name that people will forever remember. His is by far the most inspiring story of the Olympics.

And I love when he and the 400 meter winner Kirani James exchanged bib numbers with Oscar after the race.

Missy Franklin of Colorado was my favorite swimmer. I love her story. She's only 17, and she still lives at home with her parents in the town she grew up in. She seems so grounded. I love that she turned down all sorts of endorsements just so she could still swim for her High School team. I also loved her positive attitude, she always had a smile on her face.

And of course, who would I be if I didn't mention poor McKayla Maroney. She was supposed to get a gold medal in the vault, but she had a bad day. She was not impressed with her silver medal. I wonder if she doesn't wish she could have put a little smile on her face that day. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, do an internet search for McKayla Maroney Meme. It's worth a look. I do like that McKayla has also gotten in on the fun, at least she can laugh at herself now!

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