Sunday, September 9, 2012

15 Miles on the Erie Canal

Alex likes a change of scenery for his "long runs" on Sunday, so today I drove him to the Erie Canal over in DeWitt. There are many places to start your run (or walk or bike ride), but this one I was familiar with because I used to work near there. So it seemed like a good place to go. It was a gorgeous day.

Here he is starting his run, I think he ran 10 miles today. I went for a nice walk and hung out. Next week I need to start doing the jogging thing again. Because my dad has asked me to enter us in the annual Turkey Trot this year! So I did. And now I need to start moving! I have 11 weeks til the big day, so I should get going soon. I have to keep up with my 75 year old father who has been in training for months now...

And speaking of running, the official cross country race season begins on Wednesday. Alex is more than ready, and I can't wait to cheer him on! So here is a warning, the next 3 months worth of blog posts will most likely be all about running!

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Beth said...

Your father is working hard!