Monday, September 24, 2012

Emmy Night Party

Last night was our big Emmy Party at work. It was a fun event and most importantly, it looked great! Pictured with me are co-workers Kendall (next to me), Kerri and Jim. We were the ones who did all the hard work putting the event together.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Although it was a late evening, especially with work the next day. And I also think that this was the first time I watched an awards show so closely. Usually I'm doing 3 other things while it's on in the background. I think I like the Emmy's more than the Oscars, I was actually familiar with most of the shows.

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Drew Watts said...

Last week I attended my friend’s night party at one of LA venues. Where food was so delicious and yum. Best thing that I loved was little cute and colorful cupcakes. They were so delicious and creamy. Will arrange them in my party too.