Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer is Over

Where did the summer go? It's already September! Kelsey's 18th birthday was last weekend, we had a little get together in her honor.

I love this picture. Kelly is always so curious! And Jenny was loving life getting a nice back rub from Eric's foot... I think once Kelly found out Kelsey's present was just a printer, she was no longer interested.

Yesterday Eric helped transport Kelsey to begin her adventure at Boston University. I like that they got to use these big carts to put all their stuff in. I wish they had those back in my day!

Here's Kelsey all settled in her new room. I'm sure she's got lots of fun wall art to put up too.

She's living in Warren Towers, which is apparently the 2nd largest non-military dorm in the U.S. and it houses over 1800 students. That's big! She's on the 5th floor of the middle tower. It will be fun to hear how her college experience goes. I have only fond memories of those days... and hope she will too.

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