Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Birthdays, Etc

There were a couple of very important birthdays celebrated in November.

One of which was Laura's. She chose to have Nestle Drumsticks for her dessert. We stuck a candle right in the top so she had something to blow out.

Then of course there was my birthday. I chose to have cupcakes. After a big Thanksgiving week full of way too much food, cupcakes seemed like a "smaller" option. They were delicious!

In other news, I found this great dog bed at Aldi for $7 over the weekend. Of course Jenny doesn't seem to like it. I even put her favorite blanket on top of it. But she's chosing to sit next to the bed instead of on the bed. Maybe eventually she'll like it.

This was the beautiful sunrise on Thanksgiving morning.
And this was the lovely snowfall on the morning of my birthday. There isn't a lot of snow left now, and a warm up is on its way. But it won't be long before the snow is up to the top of the deck rail...

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