Sunday, November 11, 2012

XC Banquet

Tonight was the annual end of the season Cross Country banquet. Although, the season isn't quite over just yet... looks like the Top 7 are going to Federations on Saturday. So we've got another road trip this weekend!

These are the juniors on the team, getting their awards/letters.

Alex (or AC as his team calls him) got another pin for his letter. He got a few certificates too. 1st Team All League and 2nd Team All Conference. (I think that's what they were called.)
Yesterday Alex and I took a trip to Buffalo to watch the State XC meet. It was quite an event. Two of Alex's teammates had qualified to run. Ben the Freshman (above) finished 15th overall, quite an accomplishment for just a 14 year old kid!

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Dale said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! Good luck at Federations, Alex!