Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yet Another Blog

I know, I already have too many blogs. There's the Hayden House, the Aldi blog and Jenny's blog. Between the 3, I barely post but once or twice a week. And now I've added another blog to my life. This time it's very different. I guess you could say I'm now a "professional" blogger. It's for work. Well, sort of. It was my idea and my boss really liked the idea, so I ran with it. We're getting ready to launch a fun new promotion, with my little blog in the center of it. It'll be in our bi-monthly magazine, in tv promos, trade ads and I'm even going on the radio to promote it. (Well, I'm still on the fence about the radio thing... but I was promised that it wouldn't be that painful...) 

Anyway, the new blog is about the WCNY MemberCard and all its benefits. We've been receiving the MemberCard each year as a gift (well, perk) for working at WCNY. And I've never used it. This year, I looked through the brochure that came with it and decided it really was a great deal! So now I'm blogging about how much I'm going to be saving this year. So far I've saved $31.86. It's only been 3 weeks. And I really have done all that much yet. I'll be blogging for the whole year just to see how much I can save.

Check out the new blog! And follow my progress... It's also a great excuse to go out to eat, so I'm really looking forward to that. And if anyone would care to join me on a MemberCard outing, let me know!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Track Meet

Tonight was the last "regular season" meet of the year. Alex is finally back to full strength.

He ran a hard 1,000 meter tonight. The event was stacked with all the fastest guys in the section.
He managed to place 6th out of 44 runners. 

Then he anchored the 4x800 meter relay. The team looked great.  

And Alex passed this guy from West Genesee at the finish line to get 2nd place overall. It's nice to see him back in full force. Looking forward to the League Championships next week!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Keeping Busy

We've been busy working our annual Travel Auction the last 2 weeks. Our weekends haven't really been weekends. It's over now, and we're tired. And we're thankful to have today off. Alex even got some volunteer hours logged. He worked hard taking phone calls (when the phones were actually ringing...) 

He was also a bid runner for part of the night. 

I got to work in "hospitality" serving food. My co-worker Andrea (pictured above) and I were the hospitality queens each night. People love to be fed. Especially when it's free! This particular night was Subway night.

College letters & brochures are starting to pour in. 

And we've planned our 2013 summer vacation! This is where Eric and I are heading. Just the two of us. 

And this is how we're getting there! 

And this is where Alex will be going while we're in DC. It's going to be a fun summer for everyone!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The New Hayden House

Exactly one year ago today, the Fulton Hayden House was destroyed in a fire. Today, they are back in their house. There are still some projects to finish, but they are finally home. Here are some pictures taken today. 

The new addition is beautiful. They still need to get the stone work done above the wood stove, and the "finish" work needs finishing, but the wood stove is working and it's working very well! (It was warm!)

Gary finished hooking up the new kitchen stove today.

Eric helped Gary put the stove into place. They can now cook dinner! 

Laura and her friend Patsy were keeping busy. I think Laura was taking a picture of something... 

This is the girls new shower. Already been tested and approved.

Kelly was watching Star Wars on the new Flat Screen TV. 

This is Kelly's room. 

And Laura's room. 

Eric was doing some touch up work.

And the new fridge was installed today and plugged in. The wine (and Kelly's Boost) were the first items chilling... priorities!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I'm Baack!

I know, I know. It's been quite awhile since I've posted anything! But I know most of you follow me on Facebook, so you know I haven't really fallen off the face of the earth. I've just been busy and uninspired to blog. Or lazy. Yeah, lazy mostly.

Anyway, here's a much anticipated post. And of course, you can probably guess, it's all about running. Alex had a nasty bout of the flu a couple of weeks ago and he's just now healthy again. He had a rough couple of weeks regaining his strength and fitness. He had a meet at Cornell today, the Southern Tier Invitational. It was a veerrry long meet. It lasted for about 10 hours. There were 70-80 participants in each event. It took forever....

But it was a lovely day. The weather was nice.

The field house was very spacious and had lots of seating.

Alex ran the 1,000 meter and the 4x800 meter relay. This is the first meet of the last 3 that he seems to get getting his confidence and energy back to the level he was before he was sick. He got a personal best in the 1,000 meter and he felt he'll do even better next time. He was still holding himself back.

Here he is running the last leg of the 4x800 with his teammates cheering him on. They have another meet on Tuesday at Colgate. I'm probably not going to get to go to that since I have to work. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that 2013 has started off well for each of you! I once again made no resolutions... they just don't seem to stick for me! But here's to a good year none the less.