Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yet Another Blog

I know, I already have too many blogs. There's the Hayden House, the Aldi blog and Jenny's blog. Between the 3, I barely post but once or twice a week. And now I've added another blog to my life. This time it's very different. I guess you could say I'm now a "professional" blogger. It's for work. Well, sort of. It was my idea and my boss really liked the idea, so I ran with it. We're getting ready to launch a fun new promotion, with my little blog in the center of it. It'll be in our bi-monthly magazine, in tv promos, trade ads and I'm even going on the radio to promote it. (Well, I'm still on the fence about the radio thing... but I was promised that it wouldn't be that painful...) 

Anyway, the new blog is about the WCNY MemberCard and all its benefits. We've been receiving the MemberCard each year as a gift (well, perk) for working at WCNY. And I've never used it. This year, I looked through the brochure that came with it and decided it really was a great deal! So now I'm blogging about how much I'm going to be saving this year. So far I've saved $31.86. It's only been 3 weeks. And I really have done all that much yet. I'll be blogging for the whole year just to see how much I can save.

Check out the new blog! And follow my progress... It's also a great excuse to go out to eat, so I'm really looking forward to that. And if anyone would care to join me on a MemberCard outing, let me know!

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