Wednesday, February 13, 2013

State Qualifying Meet

Today was the Section 3 State Qualifying Meet. Alex ran in the 1000 meter and the 4x800 relay. He was seeded 5th in the 1000 meter, out of 6. (Only 6 kids qualified to even run today.) 

It was a crazy race. Alex seemed to get stuck on the outside. I think he ran twice as far as everyone else. And then there was the issue with the kid in the black FM uniform. If he hadn't caused interference to another runner (and basically try to push him out of the way), Alex would not have made it to States. He came in 4th overall, thanks to the disqualification of the FM kid. And the interesting thing, he won't be running the 1000 meter at States, he'll be competing in the Intersectional Medley Relay. They take the 4th place runner in the 300, 600, 1000 and 1600, and they form a relay. So he'll be "teammates" with some of his regular competitors now. I think it's kind of a neat thing, and an extra way for some of the kids to get to run at States! He's pretty excited about it.

The 4x800 relay had a nice showing today as well. They came in 2nd place. But sadly, only the 1st place team gets to go to States. I think they'll get them next year!

States will be Saturday, March 2nd at Cornell. So we've got 2 more weeks of practice! (And Spring Track starts March 11... so no rest for the weary!)

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Beth said...

Have a great time at States Alex! We are so proud of you.