Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunrise and Other Things

This is what we woke to yesterday morning, after a Friday full of snow. I think we got a foot of new snow. Not that it was forecasted, it just sort of happened. You have to love Lake Effect! It's been nice (but cold) since.

Indoor Track League Championships was this past week. I posted photos on Facebook. I didn't post this one. This was the finish. Alex actually came in 3rd overall in the Section, but the 2 in front of him (including the one he almost passed here), were in a different League. So they didn't really count. I think they helped him run faster though! He'll be running head-to-head with them this week. He needs to cut a half second off his time to get to the State Qualifying meet. That's his goal for this week. 

Meanwhile, he's running the Couch Potato 5k this morning. It's 4 degrees out. Hoping it at least warms up to 10 or 15 by race time. I'm going to have to wear a serious amount of layers to even watch!

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