Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Today we went to the Fulton Hayden House for a lovely Easter Dinner. Gary & Paula's dining room set was back from being re-finished and it looked wonderful! This was their first time hosting a family event since the fire. It was so nice to be back and so nice to be sitting at that table again.

Paula and the girls did a very nice job setting the table.   

No caption necessary. (Except that the bottle was only half full when we started!!)

Paula, Laura, Kelly and Arlene chatted before dinner. The island is a great spot to hang out.

This was the gorgeous ham we had. So good.

Ivan, Arlene and the girls were playing an Easter egg game. Perfect floors to spin an egg! 

Arlene and Paula were hard at work cleaning up after dinner...

While the boys watched...

And Alex retreated to the other room to watch basketball. 

Jenny enjoyed her first visit to the new house. 


Gary & Paula have been busy making maple syrup.

This is their new pantry door, I thought it was really neat!

And here's their finished pantry. Paula is so excited to have a place to put her food again! (This was finished just last night...)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Busy Time Ahead

I think is going to be my first post ever without pictures. I just wanted to give an update about all the fun things we have coming up in April! First off, the first Track Meet of the season is Monday. Yep. Already. It's still cold and snowy. Crazy. I'll be there, I have Monday & Tuesday off this week. I'll be wearing 8 layers of pants and sweaters and I'll still be cold.

On Tuesday, Alex and I are going on our first official college visit! I think I might be more excited than he is. He's been quiet about the whole college process so far, I've been trying to encourage some involvement and get him excited. Maybe once we visit a school, he'll start to perk up and realize it's really happening. Our first visit will be the University of Rochester. Home of the Yellow Jackets. We don't know a lot about the Univ. of Rochester. It's small and private (aka: expensive)... but they have a great academic program and are a Division III school for Cross Country & Track.

On Saturday, we have a visit at SUNY Geneseo. Home of the Knights. Alex likes Geneseo. The track coach has already contacted him. It's a smaller state school, that is fairly affordable. They also have a great Div. III Cross Country & Track Team. (An Alex must-have.)

On Sunday, my cake decorating class begins! I can't wait. After that, Alex has more meets, Tel Auc will get underway for 8 nights, and more college visits will be happening. (On April 27th we go to Ithaca.) I think it will be May before we know it!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Random Things

This is what we woke up to yesterday. Yes, 3 days after Spring officially started. I think it's safe to say the Groundhog had no idea what he was talking about.

Today we went to the Regional Market and picked up some donuts... I feel like we hadn't been there in forever. I actually wanted to get some fresh baked good from the Amish folks, but they weren't there... such a let down. But the donuts made up for it a little.

I've been thinking lately that I want to learn how to decorate cakes. Not just throwing on frosting and sticking on some candles, but really decorating cakes. Like my mom used to do. I always remember her making fancy cakes when I was growing up. I learned a few trick from her (always keep the frosting ahead of the knife...) but I want to learn how to make flowers. And fancy borders. And fancy decorations. So I signed up for a class at AC Moore, which starts April 7th. I have my Beginner Kit ready to go. I can't wait! And just think, if you know me, I'm sure you will enjoy some "practice" cakes very soon... 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Birthdays and Ceremonies

We went to Gary & Paula's house on Sunday for dinner and a birthday celebration. Paula made her first real dinner in the new kitchen. Isn't it gorgeous?! And yes, of course that's a giant glass on wine on the counter.

The view from the new sink...

Here's a view of the kitchen from the entry. Notice the old ice box in its new home!

We also had a joint birthday celebration for Diane and Paula. Diane was there via Skype... it wasn't the same as her being there in person, but it was still nice to share the experience! 

In other news... Alex was inducted to the National Honor Society tonight.

He even posed AND smiled for a photo when we got home.

Congratulations, Alex! What a great honor and accomplishment!