Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Today we went to the Fulton Hayden House for a lovely Easter Dinner. Gary & Paula's dining room set was back from being re-finished and it looked wonderful! This was their first time hosting a family event since the fire. It was so nice to be back and so nice to be sitting at that table again.

Paula and the girls did a very nice job setting the table.   

No caption necessary. (Except that the bottle was only half full when we started!!)

Paula, Laura, Kelly and Arlene chatted before dinner. The island is a great spot to hang out.

This was the gorgeous ham we had. So good.

Ivan, Arlene and the girls were playing an Easter egg game. Perfect floors to spin an egg! 

Arlene and Paula were hard at work cleaning up after dinner...

While the boys watched...

And Alex retreated to the other room to watch basketball. 

Jenny enjoyed her first visit to the new house. 


Gary & Paula have been busy making maple syrup.

This is their new pantry door, I thought it was really neat!

And here's their finished pantry. Paula is so excited to have a place to put her food again! (This was finished just last night...)

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