Sunday, April 14, 2013

CNS Relays

Alex finally had a meet that wasn't cancelled due to blizzards or thunderstorms. Although, as a spectator who, 3 days later is still thawing out, I kind of wish they had cancelled this meet too! But those tough runners don't seem to mind the frigid temperatures and near-freezing drizzle... 

It was about 42 degrees at the start of the meet. And it had cleared up a little bit. Alex's first race was the 4x1600 relay. This relay is run a little bit differently than the others. All 4 team members run together and they add up their times at the end, the team with the best time overall, wins.

Liverpool had 3 sophomores and 1 junior in the race. They all came in within 6 seconds of each other. Buck, Christensen, Leclair and Muldoon were the Liverpool runners. They all had great times (especially for the crappy conditions!) They came in 3rd overall as a team. It was a very close race. Alex came in 8th overall (out of 80+) runners.

Alex's 2nd race was the final race of the night, the Sprint Medley Relay. He ran the 800 meter leg. It was dark, and rainy and cold(er) than it was 3 hours earlier. I was soaked, miserable and frozen solid.

I'm not sure if this picture didn't turn out well because I was shivering so much or maybe they were just running too fast. I don't know, but it's the best I had. Alex's team came in 4th overall. Then we got to go home and thaw out... I hear temperatures are warming up tomorrow. I hope so!! 

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