Saturday, April 6, 2013

SUNY Geneseo

Today we took a trip to SUNY Geneseo. It was a MUCH nicer day today than it was on Tuesday when we went to Rochester. Not a cloud in the sky and the temperatures were in the low 50s.

Geneseo is about 30 minutes south of Rochester, basically in the middle of cow country. It was a lovely little town that reminded me of New England. The campus was very nice. 

This was an interesting tree, there was some story that went along with it, something about an ice storm years ago and a student protest to keep the tree. It's now some sort of symbol of the campus. I thought it was neat.

The campus is sort of on a hill. If Alex goes here, he'll be getting a workout going from the dorms to the classrooms! It's quite a walk up the hill. This was a great view of the countryside beyond the campus. The building to the left is the student union. 

This was the science building, it was newly re-done. The wall has the periodic table on it, which was kind of neat. Alex was fascinated with it. 

This was a shot in student union. The flags have to do with the countries where students come from.

It was interesting going from an expensive private college to a less expensive public college. There are definitely differences. But in the end, you get a diploma from each of them. The question is, where will Alex feel most comfortable and where will he thrive? I asked him on the way home if he had to make a decision right that second, where would he go? He picked Geneseo. 

It'll be fun to see where he ends up, he has several more campuses to visit. One thing he has figured out is that he doesn't want to go any further than 2 hours from home. So that narrows it down quite a bit! Although I did say that we'd be happy to move our home to where ever he'd like to go... like maybe somewhere on Cape Cod??... 

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Dale said...

Whatever college Alex chooses to attend, they will be lucky to have him there!