Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Quadruple

Alex had another Track Meet today, against Henninger. They're a Syracuse city school. And he did something today he's never done before. Something not many kids have done, mostly because it's insane. But it's also difficult. He ran 4 events. He started with the 4x800 relay. That was the first event, which I missed... They came in 1st. 

Then he ran the 800 meter. Which he won. 

Then he turned around and ran the 3200, about 10 minutes later. That's a grueling 8 lap race. He hung out with the top group of runners most of the race.

Until the last lap. When he poured it on and passed them all with about 100 meters to go.

And he won. 

Then hey, why not run another relay right after that? He was the final leg of the 4x400 relay. (He changed his shirt... .) They also won that event. 4 for 4 today. Not a bad day at the track!

Here are the results at (Of course they always spell his name wrong...) 


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Beth said...

Quadrouple wow!!!!

Dale said...

AMAZING performance, Alex!! We're so very proud of you! (What did you have for breakfast?!)