Wednesday, April 3, 2013

University of Rochester

Alex and I went on our first College visit yesterday. Rochester is a nice city, not too big, not too small. Not too far away...

The campus was beautiful. These photos will not do it justice. They were taken on my phone.. and it was also a very over-cast, on-off-snowy, windy day. But take my word for it, it was lovely. If you'd like to see more, feel free to do an internet search.

George Eastman apparently donated a great deal of money to the Univ. of Rochester. The Quad (the Eastman Quad...) had a big statue of him in it. We learned that George Eastman wanted every building on campus to allow eating and sleeping. We saw several students catching some z's in the library... 

This was our tour group heading over to the freshman dorm. I loved this school, and I think my love for it started when I learned about their curriculum. They don't require students to take all those ridiculous "core" classes like all the other schools. Like basic English, a language or basic math. They also don't want students to declare a major until their 2nd semester, sophomore year. They want the students to take classes that interest them and take time to figure out what suits them best. A lot of students get to have double majors since they don't have to waste credits on basic core classes. It's also apparently also a top Research College and a big engineering school. Who knew! 

Oh and they had a great outdoor track. They also had an indoor track, but we didn't get a chance to see it. Alex liked the school, I think he's going to hold off forming any opinions until after he sees more campuses. Which is probably a good idea. Me on the other hand, am ready to pack my bags and give college life another whirl! What should I be this time??

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