Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Hartford Invite

Last night was the New Hartford Invitational. Alex ran the 800 meter and the Distance Medley Relay. It was a MUCH warmer afternoon/evening than last week.  

The 800 meter didn't start until almost 8:30. So it was getting dark, and my camera doesn't take great pictures in these conditions! (Fast runners and bad lighting don't mix...)

But you get the idea. Alex won the 800 fairly easily.

His friend Jack, from West Genesee came in 2nd place.  

Alex was thrilled to not only be at the top of the podium... 

but to win his first plaque! That smile is genuine.

Then minutes after he collected his award for the 800 meter, he had to go run 1200 meters in the Distance Medley Relay. He was a bit exhausted, but he hung in there! Adrenaline is a good thing. (Notice he keeps changing his shirt....) 

Liverpool came in 4th place in the DMR.

A great end to a great night! And temperatures were still in the 60's when we left. I think summer is really coming!!


Beth said...

So happy to see that smile!!!
And once again, Way to go Alex!

Dale said...

Wow, Alex, you actually smiled for your WINNING photo!! Nice view from the top of the podium, huh? Congratulations and keep up the good work!