Sunday, October 13, 2013


This weekend was the big "Manhattan Invitational". Last year, Liverpool placed first in their race. And we all thought that was amazing and wonderful. It was one of 7 Varsity Boys races that day. This year, they ran in the "Big" race. The Eastern States Championship Race. The best of the best, from all over the East Coast. And a random team from California. The #1 team in the country competed. (They're from NJ.) There was also the #7 team in the country there (From PA.) And the #1 team from NY... and so many more talented teams. Liverpool hasn't really been in that kind of race before... although they are nationally ranked too. It was nice to be able to show everyone what they had and to be able to compete with the best teams in the country. And that they did! 

They were hoping for a Top 5 finish. They came in 3rd. And a very good 3rd too. They even beat the #7 team in the country. The #1 team from NJ won, the #1 team from NY came in 2nd. And Liverpool took 3rd. The coach said that was the best overall finish of any Liverpool team in the school's history. They also had 4 of the top 11 all-time best times of anyone in their High School, since the records began in the 70s...

They also got to take this little trophy home with them... (Sorry, Alex, it stays at the HS.)

Next up is the CNYCL Championship on Wednesday. Alex said that Manhattan was his last ever XC Invitational in High School. It's all Championship meets from here on out. Fingers crossed we get to go to Oregon in December!

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Beth said...

Some truly great memories and a great smile too!!!