Friday, July 11, 2014


There seems to have an increase in activity in my search for employment. People are calling! Yesterday I had an interview in Aurora, NY with MacKenzie-Childs. A dream job with a horrendous commute. It was a lovely drive down to Cayuga Lake, but I'm not so sure I could do that 5 times a week. But not out of the realm of possibility would be a move a little closer. So I won't rule it out. It was a beautiful place. I could see myself there.

This is a view of the shop, offices and courtyard from across a pond. It was a beautiful day. 

This was the entrance. So pretty. 

When I returned home from my hopefully successful interview at MacKenzie-Childs, I got a call from Turning Stone Casino. They gave me an "assignment" (design an event poster) to do by Monday. If they like it, I get to go in for an interview. I kind of like that. It gives me a project to do and lets me be creative. Which hopefully will impress them enough to bring me in. Although, the funny thing is the how completely opposite the two companies are. For Turning Stone, I'd be designing posters and event signage for their night club. A little more risque than designing a catalog for ceramic tea cups and place settings. But either way, I'd be fine. 

Last night Eric and I met some friends (mostly former WCNY employees) for a nice bbq dinner. It's nice to keep in touch with old friends and share some wine. 

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