Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mmm. Donuts.

So I finally got to visit this donut shop I've been hearing about. It's in Phoenix, next to our bank. I had to run to the bank, so I thought, I might as well try that donut shop! It did not disappoint!

You start off with a plain (and by plain, I mean with nothing on it, there are about 10 different types of donuts to choose from) Then you pick a glaze or icing. Then you pick what toppings you want. I couldn't decide on just one, so I got a 1/2 dozen. I'm sure I can find someone to help me eat them.

Eric is in NYC this week. This is the view from his hotel, which is in Queens.

On the unemployment front, my first visit to the unemployment office is done. I was assigned a contact person and she went over a lot of paperwork with me. She was happy that I had applied to so many places already and had been keeping track. I signed up for an Interview Skills class, because I think I could use some professional help in that area. I've never really had to interview for a job before, it's mostly been word of mouth or I knew someone. I've been lucky. I also found out I can take classes to further my skill-sets. I'm looking into taking some web development classes. The state pays for it, so I might as well! I can design for the web, but my knowledge of web development is limited. There's a huge calling for a designer who can also develop. So I'm going to pursue that as an option. 

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