Monday, July 28, 2014

Rainy Monday

It sure seems to be raining a lot lately. Well, except for Friday and Saturday during our yard sale, thankfully! We did well at the yard sale. Well, I should say, the kids did well. We did all the work, bought all the items at some point in the last 17-19 years at retail prices, and the kids kept the profits. Such is life I guess. Eric and I did manage to make enough profits for ourselves for a nice dinner out with friends and a weeks worth of groceries. Plus a little extra. So that was good! We're thinking of doing a few more hours next Friday morning, since Fridays seem to be the busiest sale days. If the weather is nice, we'll try to get rid of more stuff. Otherwise, it's all getting packed up and taken to the Good Will trailer. The basement is much cleaner, we don't need anything going back down there!

As far as the job search goes, I'm still plugging along. My interview at the RedHouse on Thursday was, well, odd. It would be nothing short of a miracle if they offered me a job. The interview was awkward and they didn't really seem interested in talking to me from the start. At least that was the feeling I got. When the executive director leaves to make phone calls, and then returns eating a piece of cake, you're kind of left feeling like you're the last thing on his mind. But, it was experience with interviewing and I kept a smile on my face.

Today I have a mandatory meeting with the unemployment office (also known as 'CNY Works'). That should be another interesting experience! I have to bring my resume with me. I'm hoping they will help with the job search rather than just say yep, you've got a resume, and send me on my way. I hear that 'CNY Works' is a decent place with some good opportunities for learning and gaining more knowledge about finding a job. Hopefully it will be a good thing.

Eric is in NYC until Wednesday. So I'm holding down the fort. Only a few more weeks until we have an empty nest...

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