Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 2

It's officially been 2 weeks since I left WCNY. I took the 4th of July weekend "off" from the job search. I would have kept looking, but it seems that companies stopped posting new jobs over the holiday weekend, so it was a good excuse not to worry about anything for a few days.

I had a phone interview screening last week. And on Thursday of this week, I have an interview. I have not had a job interview in 12 years. (I didn't really interview for the job at WCNY.) I have some studying to do. And a portfolio to put together. I have a simple on-line portfolio, but this place wants to see one in person. So that's tomorrow's project. I didn't get all of my samples from the WCNY, so I'll have to work with what I have.The interview is with MacKenzie-Childs for a Catalog Designer. It sounds like a dream to me! A beautiful setting in a mansion on Cayuga Lake. Sounds lovely! (Minus the 48-mile commute.) The phone interview last week was with SRC. I am pretty excited about that place. It's close to home and it's a wonderful company. Keeping my fingers crossed I get a real interview there. It was for a Marketing/Graphics position.

That's about all of the activity I've had on the job front. I'll send out some more tomorrow. Like I said, there was nothing being posted for the last few days, so it's time to start looking again.

In the meantime, the basement is coming along, there will be the first of possibly a couple of summer yard sales this weekend. We're cleaning up and clearing out.

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