Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A whole lot of nothing.

Aside from a couple of rejection emails, the job search went stale. So I re-worked/re-designed my resume and cover letters. Hoping to generate some more activity with that. I got a call today from a local photography/printing place. I have an interview on Friday. Which is good timing, because yesterday I took an "Interview Workshop". I'm hoping the things I learned will help with my next interview. I found out that only 5% of new jobs are obtained via the internet. 85% are obtained through networking. Eek. That's scary, but tends to make sense. Most of my past jobs I got because I knew people. I'm upping my presence on LinkedIn and finding out if I have connections at any of the places I'm applying. The more people you know, the better off you are. Even if it's a shot in the dark, a personal reference is not a bad thing.

So this happened today. It made my week. I got a twitter response from my favorite author! I was SO excited. I read her new book today. In one sitting. Now I wait for the next installment. 

Oh and Happy Birthday Mom! I know you're in another country at the moment, but you might stop by to read the blog at some point. Hope you're having a great trip!

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Beth L. said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I am only a day late checking here. Yep, I am in Canada. Sending many prayers and good wishes to you on the job front.