Saturday, August 16, 2014


Well, the interview at the photography company was interesting. The position is for an "Image Processor". The company does roughly 75,000 school/sport photos from September to December. And they need people to 'touch them up'. It's a seasonal position to start, that could lead to a permanent job. They also have a design department in house and do other printing as well. It sounds like I could be hired full time after a couple of months of 'initiation' as the guy called it. So, if I could survive the busy fall season, I could be hired full time. They put me on the spot and tested me on a computer. I had to remove teenaged face blemishes from one photo. Had to remove an entire head from a group photo and put a different head on. Then I had to remove a background. I think I passed all the tests, they were pretty simple, nothing I hadn't done before! But it was a little nerve-wracking sitting down at a strange computer that you're not used to, with people watching over you while you work. But I did it. I impressed them with my ability to use a 'stylus'. I guess that's not a common skill for many. Thankfully I've been using one for 20-ish years, on and off. give or take. They are looking for someone with good hand-eye coordination with a lot of speed. I've got all that. So we'll see. They said they were going to bring a few people in again next week for more 'tests'. We'll see if I made the cut.

In the meantime, we're gearing up for an empty nest. Novak leaves for Australia on Monday, I'm taking Alex to Albany on Thursday and then we're taking our own relaxing vacation. Two weeks from right this minute, we'll just be arriving at the Cape. Eric and his HS buddies have been plotting to meet, a couple of them will be staying with us for a few days. It'll be a big reunion for them. The wives? Well, we'll be on the deck drinking wine.

This will be our home while we're on the Cape. It sleeps 8. We'll be pushing that limit a few nights! There are 3 decks on the other side of the house, overlooking the ocean. We'll be utilizing that view quite a bit! 

Oh and I almost forgot. I made this cute giraffe cake this week for Novak's birthday. I was happy with how it turned out. If all else fails, I might just go into cake decorating at Wegmans for a new career!

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