Wednesday, August 27, 2014


So things seem to be picking up on the job search. I had an interview on Monday at the only other TV station in town that I haven't worked at. It wasn't exactly for a graphics position though. There was some room for doing graphics and perhaps incorporating some of my skills into the position. So that was good. I think the interview went well. (It probably helped that I knew the guy and had worked with him at Ch. 5.) I was put in the "good" pile and will go back for interview #2 when the GM returns from vacation.

But then on Friday of last week, my friend Rebecca (a former co-worker from Ch. 9) sent me a position opening at her company. I love her company. I have loved her company since she started working there years ago. I have wanted to work there and even said to my Unemployment Rep that this company was on my radar. And there it was. An opening. "Graphics Coordinator".I'm not sure if the job posting even left their internal bulletin board. I haven't seen it anywhere. Today, I got a request for an interview, only 3 days after applying. I am beyond excited! Maybe the stars are aligning. It would be lovely and wonderful and perfect. I will be bouncing off the walls until then. (It's not until Monday the 8th, since I'm out of town next week.) So I have plenty of time to prepare. Rebecca said she will help in anyway she can, with questions, research, bios, etc. I feel so fortunate that we met and became friends. They say that networking is the way to go. I'm beginning to really think that's the truth. So never burn a bridge. You never know when you'll need to cross it again!

Meanwhile, I will go to Cape Cod on Saturday and have a wonderful, relaxing week. And maybe come back to a new start.

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Beth L. said...

Sending prayers and good vibes your way!!! Enjoy your vacation.