Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hump Day

I've been seeing these signs all over town. It makes me smile and think of Grandpa Sams each time I see one. Kind of like he's watching over me. 

I have a phone screen interview today with Natur-Tyme. They are looking for an In-House Graphic Designer. They're a health food store/company. And they do a lot of big events in the area. Interestingly enough, I used to help with their commercials when I was with Channel 9. I made sure to mention that in my cover letter. The only thing that may keep me from this job is that it is 'web intensive'. And my experience with the web isn't exactly 'intensive'. Although I have been dabbling in it for almost 20 years. So maybe I can work that in somehow. I have confidence I could do the job, so hopefully that will be evident. 

I met with the woman who I'll be doing volunteer work with. It's funny how small the world really is. The woman (Kristin) used to work at WCNY. She left the month before I started working there. The night before I was to meet with her, I mentioned her name to Eric, and he said he knew her. So we looked her up, and sure enough, we had 67 similar connections on LinkedIn. Our meeting went very well, we hit if off immediately. She invited me to a Social Media Breakfast tomorrow and said she'd help get my name out there to her connections to help me get some work. I'll be sure to bring lots of business cards with me tomorrow! You never know!

* * * Update * * *
I got a 2nd interview after the phone screen.
With the owner of the business. Fingers crossed!!

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Linnette said...

Just me....hoping you get just the right job soon. I am very confident that you can do whatever is asked of you! Hang in and be patient!