Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Dawn of a New Day

Today I got up and decided to get out of the fog I've been in. So I went running. It felt great. I think I've been missing physical activity in my life. Sitting around every day isn't healthy! Jenny went for a quick run too (she was my warm up).

When I returned from my run, I heard back from a company I had put in a resume with to do some volunteer work. It's the George & Rebecca Barnes Foundation. (Feel free to visit their website.) I'm going to do some fliers and brochures for them. I think that's just the thing I need (aside from an actual paying job!), to keep my mind alert and to get out there and make some new connections. There's a huge need for volunteers with some of the local non-profits. And I have the time and skills to help, so I will. And it will look good on my resume too!

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D said...

Amanda, that sounds very good. I bet you could easily get your own business going. Volunteering is a great start, good networking and gets the good karma going.