Friday, September 12, 2014


Here is my latest cake creation. It's for Greg's birthday party - which is this evening up in Fulton. He and Diane and Mark are in town for Diane's class reunion. So we're getting a birthday occasion out of the deal! The idea was from Sheila, I hope I did it justice!

On the job front. I am still waiting to hear back from O'Brien & Gere. I thought for sure I'd hear something today. Although the day is not over. 

I had a call from RIT today. I forgot I even applied for a job there. Well, they want me to come in for an interview on Monday. So that's next on the list. Imagine me working at RIT! Ha! Maybe I would have an opportunity to further my education if I worked there. They do have a Master of Fine Arts degree in Design. You never know! It would be a heck of a commute, but there's always re-location, if it came down to it... I'm open. I'm certainly having lots of opportunity to better my interview skills.

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Beth L. said...

Great cake... so there is a new job possibility... hehehe