Sunday, October 19, 2014

Plan B

It's been a few days since I updated the blog. I've been busy working at the mansion and I was at the unemployment office 3 times in the last week. I took 2 workshops and had a meeting with a counselor. And I have another workshop this week. I have a Plan B in the works. A Plan B that hopefully extends my unemployment benefits and gets me trained for a new career. I have a ton of paperwork to do and hand in over the next week, and hopefully within a month I will know if I will be heading in another direction, all paid for by the great state of NY. (And my tax dollars.) I will still be looking for a job in my field, and will continue to look for that, but I need to have another option just in case that doesn't work out. I will keep you posted!

Meanwhile, here are a couple of pictures I took on my phone this week while out walking Jenny...

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Linnette said...

All the best for Plan A or Plan B.
I know how you feel about your "job" at the Mansion. I love feeling appreciated at my volunteer job with domestic violence clients.