Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Status Quo

The leaves are slowly disappearing from the trees. Winter is fast approaching. November starts on Saturday. Snow is even in the forecast. 

But here's something good in the world! Gas is below $3/gallon. I hope it keeps going lower. That would be nice. 

At 3:30 today I have a meeting with the Unemployment Office regarding the funding for training and getting an extension. I have all my paperwork filled out. I won't know for 30 days (or more) if it gets accepted. Nothing like living in limbo.

I'm still sending out resumes all over the place. For everything. I just sent one last night to CSN New England. The NBC Sports Network, in Burlington, MA. I have a friend who works there who sent me the info. She's telling the hiring manager about me. I'm way over-qualified and probably want too much money. But it would be a fun place to work. Although moving with winter fast approaching doesn't seem like much fun. I like my Plan B better. 

On the up side, a brand-new giant 2-story Wegmans just opened in Burlington, MA...

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