Saturday, November 29, 2014

Another Week Goes By.

Nothing new to report on the job front. The holidays slowed things down to a grinding halt. I sent my regrets to Time Warner. Which is too bad. If it didn't involve a move, I would have taken the job. And I let them know that. It was my fault for applying and getting their hopes up, but after thinking it over and losing sleep over the decision, it was the move that was the biggest challenge. I do hope I don't regret the decision. A woman at the unemployment office gave me the advice "Never let an opportunity pass you by..." But I did. Hopefully there will be other opportunities closer to home.

I finally got snow tires on my car yesterday. What an ordeal that was. Eric said I have the Hayden curse now. The tires were supposed to take 4 days to get here. And they would call when they arrived. On day 7, I stopped by the store to find out where they were. And guess what? They had given my tires away to someone else. They never even called me to let me know they were here. So I put up a big fuss. I ended up getting $180 off the tires (20% off each tire + free installation). And then on day 11, I got my tires installed. I guess it was worth the hassle, I saved a good bit of money! So in the end, it all worked out. And the tires are sweet.

Thanksgiving came and went. As did another Turkey Trot. I just love the photo above, with all the snow and colorful runners. We had a bit of an "emergency" change of plans on Thanksgiving morning, but quick thinking and Wegmans saved the day. We're sorry we weren't able to spend the day with the Haydens in Fulton, but it was probably for the best. And Kelly is feeling much better now, so all is well. 

Oh, and one more thing before I end this post. I have another blog! Yes, I know. How many blogs can one girl keep? It's sort of a spin-off of the Aldi blog. I noticed that most people really liked the recipes and photos of food. I mean really liked it. So I have been taking all the recipes (and creating more) for a new blog, called "CookingWithAmanda" So feel free to stop by and check it out. Oh and if you're ordering anything from Amazon or Target this holiday season, feel free to take the link off the site to do your shopping, we'll get a percentage of the sale! The hope with this blog is to make it "big" and maybe actually make a few bucks in the process. So click here to visit the new site: CookingWithAmanda. It's in its early stages and very much a work in progress. 

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