Tuesday, November 11, 2014

When it rains, it pours.

So to say I've been getting a lot of activity on the job front lately would be an understatement. Which is not a bad thing! Last Wednesday I had a phone interview with the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse in Auburn, for a Digital Media Manager. I passed the first phase and was granted a second interview, which was this morning. I was there for 2 hours, spoke with 4 different people. I would LOVE to work there. Very much. Do I think I got the job? I have no idea. They are bringing in 5 people, 2 will get a chance at a 3rd interview with the Exec. Director. I will hopefully know within the next week or two if I passed phase 2.

On Thursday of last week I received an email from ESPN. They wanted to do a phone interview with me. Funny thing was, during that phone interview, I was 20 minutes from Bristol, CT. The interview was on Sunday afternoon. I thought it went well. I can talk sports, so I think I passed. That would be a fun job. It's for a Design Publication Specialist. Mostly online digital and social media graphics. And all about sports. I think that would be a hoot. I will know by the end of next week if I get an in-person interview. (That will consist of a 2-day trip to ESPN in Bristol, CT.)

This morning, before my interview at Merry-Go-Round, I got an email from Time Warner Cable in Albany. We set up a phone interview for Thursday at 11. I'd really like to live in Albany. That would be fantastic. It's a graphic design position, which I'm way over-qualified for. (read: low pay)

So then on my way home from the Merry-Go-Round I got an email from Arc of Oneida County. I sent them a resume a month or two ago, probably longer. They want to set up an interview too. The pay sucks, but it's a job. And a long commute. But it's a job. And it's a graphic design position.

So THEN (yes, there's more!) a friend and former colleague from WMUR in Manchester emailed to tell me that his place (NECN in Newton, MA) is looking for a designer. And he gave me the managers email and told me to hurry and send a resume. So I will. Why not! That's 5 irons in the fire. It would certainly be nice if one of them panned out. Especially the one closest to home!!

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