Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2 Interviews. 1 Day.

Today was interesting. I had an interview in the morning and an interview in the afternoon. In between, I went to the Mansion to hang out. It was better than driving all the way home for 2 hours. It worked out very nicely.

One interview was at the NBC affiliate in Syracuse. It's not a great job, but it's a job. And it's stable and I'd have benefits. The pay is not great. But it's a job. And I could still keep looking, although I honestly think that once I get a job, I will be taking some time off from the job search. I'm burnt out. Some normalcy would be nice. And hey, if I get the job there, I will complete the circle and will have worked at every single TV station in Syracuse. Well, except the Fox affiliate. But I don't think they have much of a station to even work at. So that doesn't count.

The other job interview today was at Housing Visions for a Marketing Manager. I was hesitant about this job, but after talking with them, it really peeked my interest. I have about 95% of the skills they're looking for. And I guarantee nobody has 100% of all they want. There aren't many graphic designers who also have experience with social media, web design, event planning, marketing, and public relations. Plus all the other little things they wanted. There was a sales aspect to the job, which I know nothing about and am not interested in at all. But it really seemed like all the other things were much more important. So who knows. I had a nice rapport with the woman I interviewed with, so that was nice.

So at the moment, I have 3 good prospects. Just waiting on the next interview, or job offer, or rejection. I also have at least a half-dozen more resumes out there. And will keep putting out more as I find interesting jobs to apply for.

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