Thursday, December 18, 2014

Job Offer #1.

Well, I got one! I got an official offer from Channel 3. The money was as expected, not so good. But it would be a job. I asked if I could consult with my husband and get back to them, so I have until close of business today to respond.

I have interview #3 today with Housing Visions. I am going to be giving a presentation to the VP of my portfolio of design work and PR/Marketing work. I'm kind of excited about it. After my last interview, I feel a lot more comfortable with that position. It's very graphic/social media/marketing intensive. All the things I love to do. There's some PR, but not a ton. And I can write press releases, so that's about all I'd need for that end of it. Yesterday they contacted my references, so I'm hoping that's good news. This job would pay $20k more (yeah, that's a lot) than the job at Channel 3. So that's really a no-brainer. And it would be a step up for my career and open future doors for me. It would be an amazing opportunity. I've just got to have a great interview today and secure the job. No pressure!!

Alex returns today. He's taking the train home and will be here around 3:30. The house will be full. The fridge and pantry are already full in anticipation of more mouths to feed. Jenny won't know what to do with herself with all these people in her house again.

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D said...

I am so praying that you get that job. I have a really good feeling.