Friday, December 5, 2014

Mouse Update

Here's Jenny "alerting" us to some activity in the cabinet. I put down some Glue Traps last night. I figured it would be easier. I will rethink that next time and go for the old fashioned trap. The mouse got stuck on the glue trap. There was an obvious struggle and evidence of loss of fur/limbs/poop/etc. Eric saw the mouse hanging upside down inside the edge of the cabinet and dishwasher opening. He went to get a container for the mouse, went back and it was gone. So now we wait for an odor. Anyone wanna come fish it out for us?? Kelly? Are you available?? I'll make you some Jell-O!

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D said...

We've used them all but do favor the traditional. We did the humane and would let it go. I counted over 20 mice that year. It was probably the same one. One night the trap went off in the attic but it didn't kill the mouse. It flip flopped all night. Come to find out just his leg got caught. Greg tossed it out the window. I felt bad and released the trap. He crawled away. Mice are a big problem living in the woods.