Monday, December 8, 2014

Odd and Ends.

First off. about that mouse. He has a family. We're knocking them off one by one though. But we're going to need more traps. We had a BIG one this morning waiting for us. It was huge. Must have been the dad mouse. The other one was tiny and cute. This one scared me. Eric had to get rid of it. It freaked me out. I about jumped out of my jammies when I opened the cabinet door this morning.

I haven't updated anything on the job front in a week or so. I have another interview this week, with a new place. It's called Type Partners. I'm intrigued. I know very little about the place, but they've been in business for 20 years. Run by 2 local women, it's over in East Syracuse, down the street from Channel 9. I passed the resume test. They were very up front about being extremely critical of the resume, spelling, formatting, design, etc., and apparently I passed, I got an interview! This one is Thursday at 2 pm. Still waiting to hear from any of the other 3 places...

I also got my first official freelance gig! It's just creating a logo for a car dealership, but it's a start. It's for an agency in town. I've done work for them in the past, I'm happy she gave me some work again. It's been awhile. They have an in-house designer, but sometimes he's swamped or gets a 'designers-block', so they call me. Eric does all their video productions and they love him. Hopefully I can get some more work from them soon.

Also this past week, as many of you know already, probably all of you, Liverpool XC got to go to Nationals again in Oregon. This time they made a much better showing. They came in 4th overall. And were SO close to the podium. But what a great couple of years for that team. They're losing most of the kids this year to graduation, so it might be awhile before Liverpool gets to go again. It's nice to see such good kids excel and be rewarded for their hard work. We're thinking one of the boys will be joining Alex in Albany next year. At least Alex is certainly hoping so! That would be awesome for Albany.

We're getting a big storm tomorrow and Wednesday. I am happy to report that I do not have to leave the house until Thursday. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. Although I do have amazing new snow tires if I need to. I think Eric will be taking my car anyway, so it's just as well that I stay inside where it's warm and safe. The Subaru is in the garage, safely out of the elements if I need it. The Mini is still in the shop... sigh...

In other news, the Christmas tree is up. and in other bigger news, we changed up the location this year! We're throwing everyone for a loop. One child was already vocal about disliking the new location. We'll see what the other one says next week when he returns from school. I like the fact that we didn't have to move any furniture this time. and you can see the tree from every seat in the room now. It would be nicer if we could move the piano and just have the tree in the corner, but there would be nowhere for the piano to go. But the tree fits nicely there. And it's good to mix things up every now and then! To see where the tree used to live, check out a past Christmas post

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