Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Job

So, I have some good news. I got a new job! I wasn't really looking, it just sort of fell into my lap. Isn't that always the case. I bust my rear for months to get a job with no luck. Then when I'm not looking, one is basically handed to me. It's with the same company I've been working for - CNYCentral (aka WSTM, WTVH & WSTQ-TV.)

Was it fate? Irony? Luck? Well, you see, Alex's father worked at the same tv station as me. He'd been there for 14 years when I started working there in January. He was the Art Director. In October, he got a new job in Albany at another TV station. And so his job here was available. Several people told me to apply for it (including the General Manager and my own boss.) So I did. I start Monday.

I feel like I should be jumping for joy, but it is bittersweet. It's a lot more money, it's doing what I used to do, and it's still with the same company. These are all good things. But I'm kind of sad. I've liked my current job. It's been easy and kind of fun. I'm comfortable. People like me there, I love to help them, they appreciate me and tell me so on an almost daily basis. It's nice to be appreciated! But the money was terrible. And I know soon enough that other people will appreciate me as well. But there's that learning curve and starting over again. But from where I was sitting 18 months ago, I'll take it. I've traveled a long road to get back to where I was.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Post Thanksgiving Post

I've been slacking again with the blog posts. It's not like we haven't been doing things. I'm just lazy and forgetful. And even over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I totally forgot to take pictures of anything. Except the tree lighting/decorating. Which is below.

2 weekends ago, Eric and I joined some friends for the "Escape the Estate" challenge. There's a place up in Fulton called Frightmare Farms. They have an attraction where you have 1 hour to figure out how to escape. It was fun and challenging, but we did it!

I celebrated a birthday last week. Here's my cookie monster cupcake. 

And Eric took me to dinner to our going-to-be-new-favorite-place, The Bull & Bear. It was wonderful.

I received this wonderful arrangement/centerpiece from my parents.

This was the only photo I took on Thanksgiving day. I guess I was too busy cooking! The turkey came out great though! 

Eric putting the star on the tree (Which doesn't seem to light up anymore..)

Alex made a quick appearance to hang his ornaments. (In reality, I decorated the entire tree by myself... sigh...)

The finished product. We'll have to figure out the problem with the star on top. 

I can't believe I have the entire house decorated and it's not even December yet! I think this is a new record for me. Might just have been that I had the opportunity, so I took it. The next few weekends up to Christmas are going to be pretty busy.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Producers

Last Tuesday we got to go see the musical "The Producers," compliments of work. I entered a drawing for free tickets and I won! (Along with 3 other people.) It was a fun night! It's always nice to get these kinds of perks from work.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pumpkins and Popcorn

Today was a good day to make some caramel corn! Now we have tasty snacks for the rest of the week. It also kept the house warm while it was baking.

The pesky squirrels stole one of my pumpkins today. I found it out on the front lawn. The funny thing is that they were leaving them alone for the last month. I sprayed the pumpkins with a glossy clear paint. I thought we were in the clear. But I guess not! Maybe all the rain we've been having washed the paint away. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Under the Moon

Last night we met the Pelo's for a nice evening at the Blue Moon Grill in Fulton. We went to see the "Longwood Jazz Project" in the basement of the Blue Moon. Which is called "Under the Moon." It's a neat place.

And the band was fantastic. It was a nice private setting and the music was great. We plan on going again the next time they're there. 

I enjoyed some more Pumpkin Ale. I've got to get my fix before the season is over!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Albany Visit

I know I posted these on Facebook, but I'll keep them here too. I went to Albany yesterday to take Alex to lunch and deliver his birthday gifts.

It was a beautiful day. But really cold! On the way there, it snowed, hailed, rained and was even sunny in places. But cold all the way.

This is Alex's dorm - called Dutch Quad. He's on the first floor of the building in the front of this photo. It's actually a huge square that goes all around the outside of the tall tower. There are 4 of these identical buildings on campus. This one has upperclassmen in it.

I love fall in the northeast. It's gorgeous everywhere you turn.

This is Liberty Terrace. A dorm for juniors/seniors. This is where Alex wants to live next year. They all get single rooms (hallelujah!) and they have kitchens so they don't have to go to the dining halls. Alex announced he wants to learn how to cook now. So we'll work on that during his next few breaks. He does have a few meals in his repertoire, but he'll need more.

Another view of Dutch Quad. I believe one of those windows on the building in the front is Alex's.

We went to 2 malls in Albany (that are only 2 miles apart - so strange), anyway in the first one there were hundreds of people waiting in a line that went from one end of the mall to the other. We saw a sign that said Tino Martinez was going to be there. Neither of us knew who that was. 

But thousands of others did! We googled him and I was embarrassed. He was a former NY Yankee. And apparently a pretty good one. Who knew!

The typical teenage pose these days. He was checking the college football scores.

The end of the day. Full of Cheesecake Factory lunch, holding bags full of new purchases and a coffee coolatta to go. We had a good day. Hard to believe the next time we'll see him it will be Thanksgiving. Time flies.

* * * In other news... I have a job interview next week. Or should I say a 2nd interview. I applied for a design job a few weeks ago and they called me. I had a phone interview last week. And an in-person interview next week. It brought back all the nervous feelings I had last year. I hate interviews. But this time it'll be different. I don't NEED a job. I have a job. It doesn't pay all that well, but I have a job. And I know they're giving me a raise in January. (They already told me that.) So maybe being less nervous about needing a job will help me to be more relaxed during this interview. It would be nice to get back into being a designer. And it would be really nice to make a decent salary again. So fingers crossed that everything goes well.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Saranac Tour

Yesterday we went to Utica to tour the Saranac Brewery. 

It was chilly out, but not a cloud in the sky.

The West End Brewing Company opened back in the 1880s. You can still see the name "West End Brewing Co." on the building (you can see part of it above.) The Brewery is in the West End of Utica.

Francis Xavier Matt was the founder of the West End Brewery, which later became F.X. Matt Brewing Company. The brewery has remained in the Matt family for 4 generations.

The Boilermaker Road Race is run each year in Utica. The finish line (and after-party) is right at the Brewery. Alex ran this race a few years ago. It was insane. Close to 20,000 of people run the race. And tens of thousands are at the Brewery before/after the race. 

This room is the Prohibition Room at the Brewery. Where people would go to drink during prohibition. There were secret codes (such as "Joe sent me") to get into the room. The room had a secret exit so that people could escape when the cops showed up.
It was during prohibition that Utica Club began their line of soft drinks to stay in business. These are  now under the Saranac name. 

Giant copper kettles in the boiler room.

The mash cooker.

The fermenting is done!

The fermenting tanks.

The place where it all happens. Except on Saturdays. It was pretty quiet here.

We'll have to go back during the week sometime to see this up and running.

Looks like they were packing up some Holiday Ale.

The walkway above the packing area.

At the end of the tour, we each got 2 free drinks. Full drinks. Eric had a small one because the alcohol content was double what mine was. I forget what he tried, but it was strong. And had bourbon in it. I had a couple of Pumpkin Ales. They were so good I bought a growler on the way out. 

This was the street that the brewery was on. It was pretty quiet. There are several pubs and eateries that all serve Saranac and Utica Club products. (And Eric took an artsy b&w shot of it.)

Happy October! 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Gary's Birthday

Yesterday we went up to Fulton for Gary's birthday dinner/party. 

Bella is getting so big!

Selfie with Kelly.

Laura tried Grandma Sheila's squash (mostly brown sugar) dish. It was amazing. I don't think Laura thought as highly of it though!

Kelly's dinner.

Gathered around the cake.

The lighting of the cake.

Blowfish picture. 

Eric likes cake. 

8th grade math homework... 

Bella thinks she's a lap dog.