Sunday, August 16, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Eric has been out of town since Thursday and isn't due back until later tonight. Alex and I shared some nice quality time together this weekend. We shopped, ate, watched golf (a lot of golf) and went to the Casino.

He had never been to a Casino, and since he turned 18 (almost a year ago), I had said I would take him sometime. So today we went. He got a nice $13 "welcome free play." Which he made last about an hour and a half. We played the penny and nickel slots, so money tends to last longer! I got a returning $5 free-play. And put in $20 of my own. I got up to about $50. And we ended up leaving $10.28 ahead. So I'd say we had a successful day! Alex said on his way out "I think I'll stick with athletics..." He noticed the atmosphere at the casino was a bit sad. So many heavy smokers and less-than-wealthy folks sat expressionless, in front of slots and poker tables, losing their social security checks... I think my plan worked. Going to the casino can be fun, but go with just a little bit of cash and leave while you're still ahead. 

And that's about it for this weekend. Alex leaves a week from tomorrow to head back to Albany, so it's packing time. And 2 weeks from Saturday, Eric and I finally get to have a vacation! Can't wait to be sitting in the sand on the beach in Sandwich....