Sunday, September 27, 2015

Books and Lakes

We had a very nice day today. We started off at the Liverpool Public Library. They were having their annual Book Sale. This was the 2nd day of the sale, which meant $5 for a bag of books. And of course, I found a coupon on their website for $1 off. So my bag was only $4! I got all of the books in the photo above for $4. I think that'll get me through the winter! There are 3 cook books in there too. I don't know which book to read first!

After the library, we went for a nice long walk at Onondaga Lake Park. It was just too nice not to be outside. I love the 4 mile walking trail by the lake. Especially on days like today. 

We brought water bottles and just had a nice leisurely walk. This photo doesn't really show it, but it was pretty crowded. It was nice to see so many people out getting some exercise. You know in a month or so from now it'll be a much different picture. 

Speaking of... they were already setting up for Lights on the Lake. Crazy.

Such a perfect day, one you just want to bottle up and bring back out in the middle of winter.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Crouse Tribute Dinner 2015

Last night we went to the Annual Crouse Tribute Dinner. It's the fancy black-tie shin-dig that we get to go to every year because Eric produces the video for the show.

Eric and Bob. (Eric works with Bob, they are the talent behind the video.)

Contemplating Eric.

An 1,100 person cocktail party.

Apple Cinnamon Sangria. I need to get the recipe for this!! It was so good.

The tree that was our centerpiece.

An intimate dinner for 1,100.

All fancied-up.

Interesting salad. 

Filet mignon. And no, those are not mashed potatoes under the steak. They are parsnips. (Blech.)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Horse Show

Yesterday we spent the day at the Fairgrounds in Syracuse for the New York Morgan Horse Regional Championship. It was a neat event. And our first official horse show. The Bennetts were there, so naturally we had to meet them.

Melissa (above) was showing her horse, Roger. 

The paparazzi was there. (Mike & Eric)

I was nervously watching. But not as nervous as Melissa's mother in the background!

Melissa was the "Reserve Champion" for her Class. (Which is a fancy word for 2nd place.)

Eric was being artsy.

A B&W of the stable area.

Some of the ribbons from the week for Melissa's Trainer/Stable. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunrise in Sandwich

I've now seen the sunrise 2 days in a row. Jenny does like to get up early. At least I get to watch this beautiful sight while she poops in the sea grass.